i design

…creative work that performs because it is inspired by feedback, research, goals and psychology.

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Customer Surveys
  • Customer Personas
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Messaging/Ethos Guidelines
  • Logo/Identity
  • Brand Graphic Standards System

i build

…and continually improve strategically, according to what our target audiences resonate best with.

  • Website/Ecommerce Systems
  • Online Ads Design
  • Apps/Web Software
  • Event space, packaging & signage 
  • Brand Reputation

i market

…your optimized website with digital marketing tactics in order to improve sales tendencies more and more.

  • Ad Targeting & Reach Optimization
  • Ad Click Through Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO Services

you profit

…because together we profoundly explore the analytics in order to discover ongoing opportunities to transform insights into improvements into returns.

  • Audience optimization
  • Website Sales Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Website Sales Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Customer maintenance and advocacy programs

After 22+ years of doing this, I have become well-rounded in the marketing space.

I’m now looking for a position to comprehensively help a company efficiently generate the sales needed to thrive. I seek to live the one brand.

As your marketing lead, I can be very hands-on with affordably activating the fundamentals in setting up your promotional machine’s foundation. What I do is to tune your whole brand-to-sales system to a point where the profits made at the back-end’s output are clearly attributed to the marketing funds inserted up-front. With such clarity, I will continually pinpoint the places where we can improve on audience ad click-through rates, website sales conversion rates, and additional purchases/advocacy made from existing customers. My skills in creative print design can complement the brand if needed.

When your marketing system’s performance consistently reaches a satisfactory profitability point, then we scale your company's marketing spend based upon data that shows true patterns of marketing ROI by orders of magnitude. When we know for sure that $1 returns $5 or more at a certain budget for instance, then you have the option to invest in the sales growth at a speed your business can support.

With me, you don’t have to fire up a whole agency and all of their overhead, contracts and distractions right out of the gates. Let’s get you to a point where that makes sense. Meanwhile let’s explore if, and when, more specialized piecemeal resources must be activated beyond my initial kickstart. As your CMO, I’ll direct it to success.

Marketing blindly with poor audience targeting, weak ads, and an non-optimized user experience is financially inefficient or sometimes even wasteful but it’s not for everybody. I must note that the process does not work with products that don’t resonate with customers or have very low margins. We can end up in a common position where you’re just paying to give yourself more work. If you believe in your product/market fit, and you can reserve more than 20% of your margin for marketing, then I may be able to help you get to the point where you can fuel a revenue-generating machine.